EBENE Bio-Ray Foot Massage Socks with Tourmaline

Sleep Better



  • Work as a foot massager to promote blood & oxygen circulation in feet
  • Wear while sleeping at night to help keep body warm & prevent leg cramps
  • Helps relieve stress & tiredness of feet after long hours of walking or standing
  • Provide energy to increase running speed during exercise
  • Helps to prevent foot & shoe odour
  • Helps relieve nocturia* problems
Suitable to wear for the whole day for:
  • People of all ages, males and females, especially good for athletes and marathon runners.
  • Policemen or security guards who need to be on their feet for long hours.
  • Travellers who take long flights and walk long distances.
  • For the elderly to prevent cold feet when sleeping especially in cold or winter season as the socks help to increase body temperature.
  • The wheelchair-bound or those with walking difficulties to improve blood & oxygen circulation.
Sizes: Free Size