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EBENE Bio-Ray Technology is a unique formula made with minerals from Japan to improve blood and oxygen circulation to effectively relief pain and speed up recovery, Click here to learn more!

Washing of EBENE Support/Socks Series product is dependent on usage and usage frequency. EBENE Support/Socks Series can be washed after each outdoor use to maintain the cleanliness of product. For indoor or night use, we would recommend to wash EBENE Support/Socks Series at least once a week.

EBENE Support/Socks Series should be hand wash gently with mild detergent in order not to shorten the product’s material lifespan. We recommend submerging our products in a tub of water with mild detergent then gently swirling the product in the tube for 2 to 3 minutes, rinse with water after. Do not scrub, twist or rub the products as it may shorten the product’s material lifespan.

Do not twist or wring EBENE Support/Socks Series products as it may shorten the product’s material lifespan. We recommend gentle squeezing to remove excess water, afterwards hang-dry, indoors or outdoors.

No, washing will not affect the Bio-Ray efficacies when following our recommended methods.

The lifespan of EBENE products depends on the usage and maintenance. Generally, EBENE products will be good for use for 9 to 12 months, you can replace once the Bio-Ray prints are worn out or when the product no longer have optimal fit due to wear and tear.

EBENE Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream is vegetarian friendly!  There is no ingredient used in EBENE glucosamine that originated from animals.

Usage Related:

EBENE Bio-Ray Prints can be worn both on the inside and outside as the Bio-Ray effects are able to penetrate through. The Bio-Ray Prints are printed differently for some product to reduce wear & tear elements and provide secondary functions.
For example Metal Support Knee Guard print is on the outside to reduce movement friction whereas Foot Massage Socks is on the inside to reduce friction with shoe and serve as a foot massager.

Yes, EBENE Support/Socks Series can be used during pregnancy.

We would recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice prior to using EBENE Pain Relief Creams if you are pregnant.

Purchase Related:

For full range of EBENE products, you are able to purchase it online here. Alternatively, EBENE products are available in all major pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian, Unity & Welcia-BHG), CK Departmental Store, OG & Robinsons

If you have purchased faulty EBENE products, please do contact our hotline: +65 62833822 and our customer service officer will assist you. Terms and Conditions apply.

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